About Plus Maternity

As a first time mum to be, I was so excited to finally see my baby bump and couldn't wait to hit the shops and buy some fantastic maternity wear to show off in.

Unfortunately, as a plus size mum to be I wasn't able to find any plus size maternity wear whilst I was pregnant, some tops that had been badly upsized & didn't fit in any of the right places was as god as it got. I was lucky that my mum could sew, a trip to Spotlight for fabric was as exciting as it got for me.

I did find some jeans online out of the USA, they fitted me fantastically @ 19 weeks, not sure that I would have fitted into them at 21 weeks, as for making it in them to 40 weeks, no chance.......their sizing can be very tricky to get right first time.

I remember so clearly walking into the local maternity wear store to ask about a swimming cossie, it was September and I was looking forward to pre-natal aqua class at the hospital and swimming in our pool over summer. I asked the sales lady about maternity cossies, oh, for you??? yes, for me, I was looking for a size 20/22 maybe? oh, no I'd have to talk to our suppliers about THAT size, leave me your number and I'll call you - she never called.

It was then that I decided that no other plus size mum should be made to feel that way - like they didn't matter at all. Every mum to be should be able to find fashionable, functional pieces to wear whilst pregnant.

Plus Maternity, is a range of gorgeous maternity wear, designed in Australia by a mum who understands the requirements of a plus sized mum to be & manufactured here also using Australian premium fabric where possible.

All of our garments feature important details especially for plus size girls; tops that are longer line, busts with a little more room, pants with stretch, nightwear that has easy opening fronts for breastfeeding bub once they arrive and breastfeeding tops that accommodate big boobs.

I really hope you love the range as much as I do. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Nadine